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A Few Drops From A Mighty Ocean

One fine day I was staring at the cloud which was hiding the sun. Slowly the cloud was moving and some silver rays were shining. Gradually the silver rays got converted into the golden rays and the sun was again shining brightly. This is the situation very similar to our life. The seed of our life starts germinating when we come on this earth with all the good things around. Then as we grow up the dark clouds of problems, worries and obstacles hurdle our way. But as we start working on them with confidence and faith, these clouds move a bit and we can see the silver rays of hope. We still work hard and finally, we can see the golden rays of success and happiness, and we again shine with all our glow and radiance like a bright sun.

This is something that I believe since I was in secondary school. And as I grew up, I realised that whatever I believed is true, but we need a lot of teachings to shine bright and cross all our hurdles. Recently I happened to attend a seminar organised by Shri Sarda Math, in which I was able to learn the essence of potentiating oneself towards excellence and outshine.

It is the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. He is a key figure in the development of modern and educated India. I was one of the fortunate people to attend one of the seminars organized by Shri Sarda Math. This seminar was organised in Valsad on 22nd and 23rd November 2014. I got to learn a lot of differentiated, yet common, things from this seminar. I was able to see the different powers and stupendous abilities of women. Some of them were just breathtaking and astounding. I was feeling as if I am witnessing all the eras from ancient times to the modern age. I have summarised a few things which I understood from the different people I met there, ranging from our traditional moral values to the modern atomic and space science.

We are what we think

We all have come across a lot of people saying that “we become what we think”. This is proved scientifically. One positive word, we hear or speak, activates millions of neurotransmitters in our brain. These neurotransmitters transmit the action potentials of positive energy all over the body. And hence our body gets energised with all positive impulses, energizing all the body cells with positive energy. This results in a healthy mind and body.

The same mechanism is applicable to negative words. Negative words transmit negative energy, leading to an unhealthy and ill body with evil thoughts.

For the same reason, a pregnant mother is always advised to live in a positive environment. The thoughts and actions of the mother directly reflect on the state of mind and health of the infant. So it is truly said that we are what we think, hear and speak. Purer the mind, greater the control.

Ego kills a person

This statement is one of the ethics of success. There is a story which supports the statement.

There was a ship lost in the ocean and all the people on the ship, including the captain, were worried. Then the captain saw a beam of light coming from one direction, and caught the signals with it and communicated with a second-grade seaman, thinking it to be some other ship. The seaman asked the captain to turn his ship 20˚E, but the captain was stubborn and egoistic. He refused to take his orders as he was finding it inferior to follow the order from some second-grade seaman. He had planted a firm root of ego within himself. The seaman saw him approaching near and told him that the beam of light was coming from a lighthouse and not from any other ship. Instantly, the captain turned his ship 20˚E and saved his ship from colliding into the lighthouse. The ego of the captain almost killed him along with all the passengers on the ship.

After reading this, I am sure you would not need any further explanation of the statement “ego kills a person”.

Love can change people’s mind, laws cannot

There are various things which we can make people do with love and not by laws. If we make them follow the rules with a gun on their head, they will be doing it at that point in time. But what about following the same thing in the future? In contrast to this, if we make them understand the importance of the same thing with love, they will definitely follow for their lifetime.

A very famous and old example of this statement is Shi Valmiki. Naranjo was able to turn a dacoit into a stage through his love and not by any law. We can also make wonders and transform bad into good just by love and never by the laws because the actions through forceful laws have a very short life, but the actions brought about through love remain for ages till the universe will exist.

Gravitation lies in nature and not in beauty

Gravitation means movement towards or attraction to something. According to the law in physics,

Potential Energy = Mass x Gravitational Force x Height

i.e., Gravitation =  ------------------------------------
                                           Mass x Height

The same law applies to our biological and intellectual life. Usually, people get attracted to the thing or person that possesses external beauty. This attraction does not persist for as long as this attraction is not strong. On the contrary, if someone gets attracted to the person due to the person’s internal purity, there develops a strong bond which gets stronger with time.

In the above formula,
Gravitation = The attraction force inhabitant in oneself having the ability to attract people around,
Energy = The power of good deeds in a person possessing gravitational force,
Mass = The weight of all the negative thoughts and actions, and
Height = The distance between the purity of heart and the cynical thoughts.

Hence, our good deeds and pure mind can attract people towards ourselves. External beauty has a very short life compared to our internal purity. Internal beauty of our heart lives for infinite years till the time this universe will exist.

Homo sapiens to Homo spiritual

The biological name for humans is Homo sapiens. But to live a meaningful life we need to transform ourselves from Homo sapiens into Homo spiritual. This conversion is a very easy process. We just need to develop ourselves physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.

Homo sapiens gain information, whereas Homo spiritual gain knowledge.
After reading this statement, no other explanation is required.

Humans have two hemispheres of the brain - right hemisphere and left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is dominant in memory, hearing, speaking, language control, and in carrying out logic and mathematical computations. The right hemisphere is responsible for the abilities of one-pointedness, meditation, emotions and music. Thus, to be a Homo spiritual we need to develop our rights hemisphere as well with the left hemisphere.

Dr T G K Murthy, a senior scientist in the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), was one of the speakers at the seminar. He gave 4 E’s for success:
  • Enquire
  • Enrich (by gaining knowledge)
  • Empower
  • Execute
A good character is the most important achievement in a person’s life. Honesty, loyalty and truth are the three strong pillars of a successful individual. But my question is: Why is it needed to build character? Nobody can make someone build a good character. A good character should be inbuilt.

A determined job cannot be restricted by any hurdle

I had a lot of pressure regarding my ongoing PhD when I attended this seminar. But the pressure was relieved to a great extent when I heard the struggling story of Ms Sharma. She is 24 years old, youngest open water swimmer in the world. She had a fear of darkness, but the first open water swims she started at midnight on the English Channel at the age of 16 years. That particular swim killed her fear and then her progress started and she swam four oceans and 8 seas.

Fear is the biggest hurdle for any success. Fear kills the dreams, failure doesn’t. So we need to kill the fear and proceed.

To know the possibility of anything possible, we have to cross the impossible.
For this, we need to win the fear.

Power of women

In this seminar, I heard and personally met a lot of people, of which there were so many dynamic women. There were various successful women including the chief minister of Gujarat, the world’s youngest open water swimmer, a scientist, a neurosurgeon, a dancer with just one leg and a singer. How can I forget a 9-year old girl, Ms Bhasha Vaghani!! She, being just a 9-year old kid, delivered an amazing speech on Swami Vivekananda. Her tone and gestures were very confident and bold that she was able to hold the people’s eyes.

The whole event was one of the very good experiences for me. Among the above-mentioned things, we know a lot of it but it just needs some polishing and brushing up. There is a lot of good preachings Swami Vivekananda did and a lot of things the speakers conveyed in the seminar. This article consists of just a small fraction of the whole event. This is just a few drops from a mighty ocean!!


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