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Life Is Unpredictable

At times, life seems to be just so simple and sometimes the face of life is very complicated. And this is the reason behind life being so capricious. One struggles for achieving a lot of things in life, may it be in one’s personal life or professional well-being.

The whole of our life is just not enough to understand its real denotation, and on the contrary, sometimes just a single moment is more than enough to sense the essence of the whole life. And this depends on the company of the people we live in. I am sure that 27 years are not enough to give any bottom-line proclamation about life. But I have experienced a lot of things on the journey of my life to date. These experiences have taught me many crucial chapters of life. From a pool of all these experiences, I can articulate that life is unpredictable.

Capriciousness is not observed much in one’s professional life. Most of the things going on in a planned chronological order. But yes! In life, as such, unpredictability is very universal. Does our life flow-on in an expected way? Do we have any estimation of what is going to be the next moment in our life? The answer to all these questions is – “NO”.

We grow up with lots of dreams. At some segment, we may see them flourishing and at some phase of life, they may be crashed down. Most of the people get disillusioned by crashing down of their dreams. But is it the end of life? No! It is just an experience that we are privileged to have for constructing a better tomorrow. We may come across a phase in our life where we see the doors closing down and think that our life is devastated. But suddenly a spark comes across at an unexpected time and life is transformed overnight. We then realize opening up a door of happiness for us. And this is the moment we realize that “Life is unpredictable”.

Do you think there is anything called a “Good Life” or a “Bad Life”? I don’t think so. According to me, there are just good and bad experiences. Optimistic experiences make us confident, and pessimistic ones make us realize our mistakes and prepare us for a perfect future. So we should never complain about the bad times in life because they are just the boosters to make a perfect life. And we never know when the unpredictable character of life may turn our bad time inside-out and gift us with all the happiness we always waited for.


  1. Shivani,

    I am happy reading the contents of this article. Though a tough subject, you have marked your presence in every sentence with clarity of thoughts. Subject itself is philosophical and demands ideas related to it. You have done that perfectly.

    I am impressed by the fluidity and continuity of expression. I am impressed. I liked reading conclusion: "Optimistic experiences..." I am happy to be with the you... one more person having technique of simple and straight forward expression.

    Congratulations! Waiting for regular posts...

  2. Thanks for sharing useful information.


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