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The Confident Injured Sparrow

After completing a lecture on Glaucoma, while sitting at my desk in the college I noticed a sparrow. It came and sat on one of the leaves of a coconut tree just in front of my window. It was trying hard to fly. Unfortunately, its trials were not successful. I was observing this for 10-12 minutes and was wondering why it was not able to fly. I then went near the window and saw that it was having some injury and was bleeding. I restricted myself to approach the sparrow as I never wanted to scare it away. All that I was able to do was to observe. Nothing else came to my mind. After a few minutes, with its great efforts, the sparrow successfully flew away with all the freedom!

While I was observing this scenario, one of the very old proverbs clicked my mind, “where there is a will, there is a way”. Almost all the people reading this article might have heard this earlier. I have always observed that for the things we want to happen with a very deep desire, maximum hurdles come in our ways. During such times, if we mislay our patience, our wish will never be fulfilled. One should handle the situation with patience, overcome the hurdles, and achieve their goals. I am very well aware that such theories are easy to write but equally difficult to experience. But this is the fact. There is always something good out of all the negative experiences. This is true also for achieving things after great hard work and efforts. The fruit which we get, after all the hard work, is always the sweetest one.

This situation also teaches us that self-help is the best and most reliable help. If we rely on someone for anything, we will never realize our own capabilities. There is nothing which we cannot do. Our true talent surfaces only during the most difficult times in life. There is always “all or none phenomenon” in our performance.

One should have confidence in one own self. People generally take help from others due to two main reasons. First, the lack of self-confidence. Second is the lack of interest in completing the task, in other words – the laziness. The urge we have in completing our task or the accuracy with which we do it can never be done by others. The most concerned person about one’s problem is one own self.

This sparrow made me think with a deep perspective. It gave me great enthusiasm to complete the task taken up by myself with self-confidence. It created a sense of new strength in me. Nothing in this world happens for no reason. We always get to learn out of every good and bad thing happening to us. Good experiences build up confidence in us and bad experiences teach us new lessons in life.

Keep trying... Keep succeeding...


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